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Willing Works Entertainment provides monologues crafted to bring your audience hope, healing, and a good laugh.

The Monologue Collection

Dramatic monologue, "The Counselor".  

In this piece the character, a young woman with a rough childhood, finally confronts her abuser of 10 years.    

In Her Shoes Teen Edition

Three teens tell their story of what it is like to be in their shoes. 

I Look Like

Black history spoken word monologue. In this piece I share my story about how I found out that I was black.  

Biographical Monologue of Delores Thompson

 Biographical monologue of the sassy, classy, funny 75 yrs young Delores Thompson. It was a honor playing the life of this great woman.  

Bag Lady

 "Bag Lady"  A woman finally breaks free from her baggage. 

What the Audience is Saying

Book Interview with Rev. Sylvia Blessings

In this interview Cydanni shares more from her book "I Told Her the Truth". 

FAQs ~ Updates



Q: How did Cydanni begin writing and acting out characters.?

A: Cydanni has been the family "clown" since she was a child. She loved to mimic the voices and mannerisms of others in hopes to make people laugh. As an adult her gift was solidified and her characters developed in complexity and relatablity. 

Q: What audience do you perform your monologues for?

A: Monologues are open for all audiences and uniquely crafted for each event. 

Q: Are any of your characters real?

A: All characters are inspired by relevant real life stories.  

Q: How much do you charge?

A: All booking inquires are submitted through the contact us form. 

What's New?

It's time to take things up a notch! Cydanni is planning to do a one woman show in Atlanta! Subscribe for updates. 

You can also donate, any amount is appreciated. 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals. Your generous donation will fund our vision of a one-woman show in Atlanta. 

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About Me


My writing roots

I recently found my childhood diary. On the first page were the words of an eight year old girl scribbling down details about her award for writing and leadership. Before I knew it, my life as a writer blossomed. God created me to design worlds of color and characters through writing and storytelling.


My style

Funny yet capable of  touching on topics relatable to a wide range of audience members. All monologues are crafted to fit the theme of your event. 

My Book

My Book: I Told Her the Truth

A trip around the U.S. leads a woman once fueled with rejection to a place of true acceptance.  "When I opened the book, I planned on reading only the first few pages to start but ended up reading the first four chapters." - Amazon Reader